Action plan to suppress the grey economy 2019/20.

Measure 4.3 Е-public procurement
Establish an electronic procedure for public procurement involving all phases, from the point of planning to realization of public procurement, as well as the obligation of publishing notices about awarding contracts, including detailed information about the concluded contract, i.e. about the agreed value and other relevant information – a comprehensive web portal to be used for performing all public procurement in the Republic of Serbia.
The system would have the following characteristics:
- The documentation and other written memos published by the purchaser will be publicly available via the electronic portal,
- The system does not allow anyone to view offers before the deadline for submission expires. Therefore, at the moment of expiration, i.e. at the moment of bid opening, the system would automatically generate the offered prices and other commercial conditions from the submitted bids, being important for evaluating and ranking the bids. Additionally, the system would electronically send a report on bid opening with indicated data, only to those bidders who took part in the public procurement process, i.e. the ones who filed a bid via the web portal. The decision on awarding the task is public, the notices on concluded contracts are broadly published and contain all relevant information important for concluding the contract,
- Implement the solution enabling electronic and public process of protecting the bidders’ rights through the public procurement portal, while not jeopardizing the public procurement process,
- Internal control of the execution of contractual obligations is mandatory for the purchaser,
- Implement an efficient mechanism for evaluating the contract enforcement and for implementing a secure mechanism that limits and prevents businesses that operated in the grey zone from participating in public procurement.
Activity Deadline Responsible institution Partners in realization
4.3.1 Adoption of the Public Procurement Bill Q2 2019 Government
Ministry of Finance
Public Procurement Office (hereinafter: PPO)
4.3.2 Designing a new web portal for public procurement. Q4 2019 Ministry of Finance
4.3.3 Training state officers for using the portal. Q4 2019 National Academy of Public Administration Ministry of Finance
4.3.4 Defining the officers in charge of monitoring implementation of contracts after the public procurement and evaluating the quality of performed task by the selected bidder. Q4 2019 All holders of public authority conducting public procurement Budget inspection
State Audit Institution